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Vegan food industry takes the UK by storm | Money Talks

It’s the ‘environmentally friendly’ diet that’s taking the world by storm. Veganism is quickly becoming more mainstream. And the UK, in particular, has seen huge growth in the vegan food sector – companies are scrambling to sink their teeth into the market. But is 2018 really the year of veganism, or is it all just […]

Trump eyes tariffs on Chinese goods worth $60B | Money Talks

The US is reportedly considering slapping tariffs on up to $60B worth of Chinese imports. It’s the latest salvo by President Donald Trump against countries he says are cheating on the rules of global trade. We take a closer look at what might be at stake. Joel Labi sends us this report from Hong Kong. […]

Monthly Income Streams

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How To Set Multiple Income Stream Goals

Set multiple income stream goals. Start more income sources. Invest in yourself to make intelligent financial decisions. You become more confident. Have a plan. Write down all your income and expenses. Divide your expenses into needs and wants. Exclude unnecessary expenses as wants from your list. Budget your income and expenses. Include only the things […]

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