Two Sides To Success

The road to success in filled with failure. This is kind of my reflection on that and the past thirty days of Neng Now: There is a problem with social media in general. We all, including myself, only really show the good things…few people talk about the bad ones. But I think I want to […]

๖ۣۜNew Brits to pay over a thousand pounds less in income tax

๖ۣۜNew Brits to pay over a thousand pounds less in income tax BRITS will have an extra £1,075 in their pockets under the Tories when the new income tax bands kick… #๖ۣۜNew #Brits #to #pay #over #a #thousand #pounds #less #in #income #tax

Why Frogs Sometimes Fall From the Sky

The first 77 viewers to sign up at will get 20% off their annual premium subscription AND support SciShow. Test your knowledge with Hank at It doesn’t seem possible, but animal rain is definitely real, and there is an actual scientific explanation for it… probably. Hosted by: Hank Green ———- Support SciShow by […]

HomeTown | Jazzy HipHop

Follow Fantastic Music © For any Copyright Claim : ————————————————————— ♫ Tracklist ♫ 00:00 Pslam Tress – Crystal Silence 03:09 Gorila – Akaido 05:39 Remulak – On The Atlas 08:40 Tesk – Green Stamps 11:15 less.people – Plenty 14:11 Limes – Cocktails 15:51 enjo – No Thoughts 18:12 Pabzzz […]

비 RAIN – 깡 GANG Official M/V

★[Important] Please support your favorite artists on GENIE MUSIC YouTube channel too! ☆Music Videos on GENIE MUSIC YT channel are official as well. Views from GENIE MUSIC YT channel will be counted for chart shows. ★[중요] GENIE MUSIC 유튜브 채널에서도 아티스트들을 지원해주세요! ☆GENIE MUSIC 채널에서도 공식 뮤직비디오를 공개합니다. 본 채널에서의 조회수도 각종 차트 집계에 반영 […]

JOKER/TWO-FACE – RAIN DANCE (Official Music Video)

JOKER/TWO-FACE – RAIN DANCE Video Directed by GOULIELMOS Beat Produced by BORIS Recorded by Dj Stigma at GroundZero Mixing-Mastering by Dj Stigma at BEEhive lab for GroundZero Produced: Jonny Frost/Two-Face Styl Mo-Tsaki // Arkham 2017 Απαγορεύεται η μεταφόρτωση (upload) από οποιονδήποτε άλλο χρήστη του YouTube. Στίχοι: Πουλάμε τόσο που έχουμε άτομα μόνο για να μετράνε […]